Secret Token 0.9

2 min readMay 20, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Secret Token 0.9, packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance your experience on our platform. Explore the updates and visit to test the new functionalities. For more details, check our Fanatico Layer release notes.

Key Highlights:

New Features:

  • ETH & FCO Purchase: Streamline the purchase process for ETH and FCO directly within the platform.
  • Import Wallet and Buttons: Added the ability to import wallets and enhanced button functionalities.
  • Auction Activation and Bidding: Activate auctions and place bids by locking FCO tokens.
  • “Buy Now” Option During Auctions: Added functionality to buy items instantly during active auction phases.
  • LIKE Feature Implementation: Users can now like posts directly using FCO tokens.
  • Username and Profile Enhancements: Improved prompts for username setup and public profile display.
  • Royalties: Implemented a new royalty system with default tiers.
  • Swap ETH/FCO: Enabled the ability to swap between ETH and FCO.
  • Supporting Coins & Tokens Withdraw/Purchase: Enhanced support for withdrawing and purchasing various coins and tokens.
  • Auction Withdrawal: Added the feature to withdraw from auctions where no bids were made.
  • “Price Paid” in Post Draft: Added functionality to display “price paid” in post drafts.
  • SSO and Positive Balance Trigger: Implemented SSO requests triggered by log out and positive balance.
  • Dispatch Error Notification: Implemented error notification dispatch for users.
  • Wallet Creation on Landing: Automated wallet creation for new users on landing.
  • Transaction Handling via Dispatcher: Ensured all transactions in the Fanatico app layer are managed via dispatcher.


  • UI Enhancements: Small UI display fixes for royalties and copies sold.
  • Automated Name/Handle Population: Streamlined user experience by automatically populating name/handle fields.
  • User Notifications: Enhanced notification system for a better user experience.
  • Support for Different Tokens: Bridging to non-Fanatico layer chains on output.

Bug Fixes:

  • Winner Calculation Issue: Resolved the problem with auction winner calculations.
  • Profile Photo Upload: Fixed the issue where users couldn’t upload profile photos.
  • Telegram iOS Safari Link: Addressed the issue where the Telegram link wouldn’t update the profile on iOS Safari.
  • Screen Freeze on Transactions: Fixed the freezing issue during decrypt/buy/transfer ownership transactions.
  • Link Account Issue: Corrected the account linking problem.

Thank you for being part of the Secret Token community. Enjoy the new features and improvements in version 0.9!




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