Introducing Fanatico Secret Token 0.7: A Leap Forward in Digital Content Sharing

2 min readFeb 29, 2024

The Fanatico team is proud to unveil the latest iteration of our platform, Secret Token 0.7, now live at This update is packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes, all designed to enhance your experience and interaction within our thriving community.

What’s New in Version 0.7?

  • Links & Sharing: Sharing your content and profile has never been easier, thanks to our enhanced link-sharing capabilities.
  • Creator Sells Copies: Creators can now directly sell copies of their original tokens to fans, opening new avenues for engagement and support.
  • Follow User Functionality: Keep up with your favorite creators by following them and getting updates on their latest posts and collections.
  • User Activity History: A comprehensive view of your activities on the platform ensures better tracking and management of your engagements.
  • FCO Price Estimate: Make informed decisions with estimated prices for FCO tokens now available.

Improvements for a Better User Experience

  • An overhaul in UI/UX makes navigating and interacting with the platform smoother than ever.
  • From renaming “Anonymous” users to “Fanatic” to optimizing button placement, every change is made with our community spirit in mind.

Bug Fixes and Future Developments

  • We’ve ironed out the wrinkles, including fixing the internal wallet creation error and transaction confirmation pop-ups.
  • Exciting ongoing developments, like IG/X linking and expanding supported currencies for transactions, promise to make your experience even richer.

A Note on Our Disclaimer

  • We’ve updated our token purchase disclaimer to ensure transparency and informed decision-making for our users.

We’re excited for you to dive into Secret Token 0.7 and experience the enhancements first-hand. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve the platform to meet and exceed your expectations.




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