FCO Developments and News This Week

2 min readJan 14, 2024

Hello Fanatico Community,

We’re excited to share some significant developments and updates that have happened with Fanatico FCO this week. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Multi-Chain Deployments: We’ve successfully deployed Fanatico FCO on Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), and Polygon networks. All these deployments share a uniform contract address: 0x41a1ef3d81D091465F22E8ED2a7e06d59A8532B7.
  2. New Liquidity Pools on Uniswap V3: To enhance your trading experience, we’ve created liquidity pools for each network on Uniswap V3. You can now trade Fanatico FCO tokens on:
  1. Discontinuation of Previous Deployments: We no longer support previous deployments of FCO tokens. Always verify the authentic FCO contract address at fco.eth (resolved address is the same for BSC and Polygon) and on our official website fco.fanatico.com. The old L1 and L2 deployments are no longer supported. Please refer to our website for the complete list of current contract addresses.
  2. FCO Deployment on Tron: We’ve expanded our reach! Fanatico FCO is now deployed on the Tron network: TVE6ZBZeJeXGFLfwSuLwY7JRhBXmiLaZbg. Also, check out our new Sunswap pool: Sunswap FCO Pool.
  3. DEX Liquidity and Vesting Contract: We’ve committed to not removing any DEX liquidity. In fact, we plan to lock all current and future DEX liquidity into a vesting contract with a vesting period, underscoring our long-term commitment to the FCO ecosystem.
  4. Token Burn Event: In a significant move, we’ve burnt 999 Million FCO tokens to contribute to the token’s value and scarcity. You can view the transaction here: Etherscan Burn Transaction.
  5. Your Voice Matters: If you require a particular FCO token pool to be set up, we’re just a message away. Connect with us on Twitter, Email (fco@fanatico.com), Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

We’re incredibly thankful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. Together, we are building an extraordinary Fanatico FCO ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and developments!

Warm regards,

The Fanatico Team




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