Fanatico FCO Token Smart Contract Security Audits Now Available

2 min readMar 6, 2024

In our continuous commitment to transparency and security, Fanatico is pleased to announce the release of the security audits for our FCO token smart contracts. Ensuring the safety and integrity of our platform is paramount, and we believe in the importance of thorough and transparent security measures.

The security audits have been conducted by Verichains, a leading firm in blockchain security and smart contract auditing. Their expertise and rigorous examination process provide an in-depth analysis of our smart contracts, reinforcing our dedication to providing a secure environment for our community.

Accessing the Audit Reports

The full audit reports are now accessible to all members of our community and can be viewed at Verichains. We encourage everyone to review these reports to understand the extensive measures we have taken to secure our platform and protect our users.

Key Highlights of the Audit

  • Comprehensive Analysis: The audits cover a wide range of tests and checks, from common vulnerabilities to advanced security protocols.
  • Transparency: Every aspect of our smart contract’s code has been scrutinized, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.
  • Security Enhancements: The audit process has led to several optimizations, further strengthening the security of our FCO token transactions.

Our Ongoing Commitment

The release of these security audits is a testament to our ongoing commitment to security and excellence. Fanatico continues to strive for the highest standards in all aspects of our operations, from smart contract security to user experience.

We welcome feedback and discussions from our community on these audits. Your trust and safety are our top priorities, and we remain dedicated to maintaining an open, secure, and thriving platform.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Fanatico.

Stay Informed

For future updates and announcements, stay tuned to our Medium page. We are excited to share our journey with you as we continue to grow and improve the Fanatico ecosystem.




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