Fanatico Expands Liquidity and FCO Token Supply in Response to Growing Demand

1 min readFeb 22, 2024

In light of the increasing demand within our trading pools and the recent impressive performance of the FCO token, which has seen a price increase of more than 12% in the past few days, Fanatico is excited to announce the minting of 395,000 new FCO tokens. This strategic decision is aimed at bolstering liquidity and ensuring that our community members have ample opportunity to engage with our growing ecosystem.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to reveal the creation of two new pools, injecting over 400,000 FCO tokens into the liquidity pools. This move is designed to accommodate the surging interest and activity in the FCO token trading environment, reflecting our commitment to providing a robust and dynamic platform for our users.

We believe these developments will further enrich the trading experience for our community, offering more flexibility and opportunities for engagement. As always, we are deeply grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm for the Fanatico platform.

Mint Transactions: